Jivan Foundation Delhi - Urdu School

In a four room flat, 225 girls and boys are tutored in two shifts a day from primary school to secondary school.

A school bus collects them in the morning and takes them back home after school. Without this safe transport parents would scarcely allow their girls to go to school. Some of them whose living conditions are too miserable for studying or doing homework, sleep at night in the school room, well taken care of by the headmaster’s wife. She provides them with food and drinks.

Although all of them are living in slums or on the roadside, most of them achieve after 12 years the school leaving certificate which is indispensable for a professional advancement or studies at a university.

A considerable part of graduates completed a vocational training and are now independent others are studying at a university. Intellectually less skilled ones had and have the chance to receive a specific training at the international construction material company Lafarge. As construction business is booming in Delhi, their future is secured.

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Presentation of the SVM school in New Delhi:
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The Story of Sangita Vidhya Mandir, New Delhi: PDF (please click)


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